🇲🇽 Podcast 020: Travel to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico ft Cass

Travel Podcast about Puerto Vallarta. Visiting new countries is not always about traveling to the most popular cities there. We often fall into that trap and that is why I am happy to introduce you to Episode 20 - the different Mexico! Join me as we travel with Cass Aragón to the beautiful beach city of Puerto Vallarta, on the West Coast of Mexico.

🇮🇳 PODCAST 017: Travel to Kolkata ft Soumen Sengupta

Travel podcast about Kolkata, India (with a local). Hey Curious Nation! We are once again coming to India, and we are travelling to Kolkata, in the East of India. Soumen has some curiosities to share with us, in addition to his contagious laugh. We also find out why Kolkata changed its name, and discover the street food that is typical of this region.

🇹🇭 PODCAST 016: Travel to Thailand ft Barbara Weibel

Podcast about Thailand. Travel to Thailand, and see the best locations around the country. Meet Barbara, one of the first travel bloggers, Seeing a fair deal of the world, Barbara has chosen to live in Thailand. I picked her brain in this episode to understand her reasons. Of course, we touched on the usual subjects like food, drinks, culture, and what to see and do in Thailand.

🇦🇷 PODCAST 015: Travel to Buenos Aires ft Mariel Olivera

Travel Podcast about Buenos Aires. Travel to Argentina, and see Buenos Aires through the eyes of a local. I am excited to travel for the first time to South America! Welcome to Argentina! I met with Mariel who walked me through the streets of Buenos Aires, and told me about the food and drink, the areas in the city, where to go, what to do and more.

🇪🇸 PODCAST 013: Travel to Andalucia ft Karen Rosenblum

Travel Podcast about Andalucia. Way back in Episode 2 of the podcast series, we travelled to Sevilla which is the capital of Andalucia. This area in the south of Spain is vibrant, beautiful, has a rich history, nice weather and warm people. It is safe to say that if you haven't been to Spain, Andalucia is a great place to start from. In addition to the usual food, drinks and history talks, Karen and I will also talk about the wine culture, cheese and festivals.