🇮🇱 Podcast 019: Travel to Israel ft Aliya

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Welcome back my Curious friends! First time travelling to Israel? No problem! Watch this podcast with a local guide and gather the tips you need for your trip. Aliya will help you with the food & drink options, places to see, holidays, and is also ready to give you a cooking experience. Have you heard of Shakshuka? We mention that as well, so listen carefully (or watch) Episode 19 of the Curious Pavel Podcast Sessions.

Fan of listening? Here is the whole podcast episode:

Mentions in the Podcast about Israel:

  • Jerusalem
  • Tel Aviv
  • Haifa
  • Dead Sea
  • Sea of Galilee
  • Tzfat
  • Nazareth
  • Places to eat in: Falafel Hakosem, Azura (Jerusalem)

Prefer to watch? You can also find this podcast about Israel on YouTube:

PODCAST 019: Travel to Israel ft Aliya | What is Shakshuka

About Aliya:

Aliya is a content creator, cooking teacher, and PR professional currently living in Tel Aviv, Israel. She is very passionate about helping visitors discover all the amazing things and culinary treats her country has to offer!

Find Aliya online:

I really hoped you enjoyed learning more about Israel, its culture, its history, and of course, its food. Maybe you’d now like to go and try the authentic Shakshuka in Jerusalem, or the Falafel. 😋 If you have a suggestion or a question, please let me know… your comments are my oxygen!

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