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Welcome to the Curious Pavel Podcast Sessions, hosted by the most positive person you will ever meet.

We get in touch with tour guides or knowledgeable locals and ask them about their area, so you don’t have to. We speak about food, drinks, accommodation, prices, and sightseeing.

That way you can:

1) Travel remotely in the comfort of your chair
2) Have a guide book when you decide to visit the destination in person

Occasionally, we throw a curious travel story 😉

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Explore the world through the eyes of a local

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A Stranger in Havana Asked Me To MEET HIS SISTER | Travel Podcast S02E13
by Curious Pavel

Last week on the show we talked about travelling as a solo traveller. When you travel by yourself you can expand your horizon, make new friends, and be alone with your thoughts. Those are just some of the benefits of travelling by yourself but as you can imagine, there are downsides to it as well. You are a little bit more likely to have awkward situations and conversations.  

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“I consider myself to be an explorer, a keen photographer, a seeker of stories, a passionate foodie, and a cat lover. I started The World in My Pocket about 7 years ago, to share my adventures around the world, with the world.   ► Find Joanna here: *Facebook**Instagram* If you prefer reading, here are links to the story:  **  


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