“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious”

Albert Einstein

Hello and welcome to the Curious site ⚡ We find places and share the best way to explore them including tips, hints, secrets, stories, facts. We travel back in time and connect the history with the places we tell you about but you know… in a fun way 😉 A way that is easy to remember. A way that connects the dots.

All these tips and stories have two general purposes:

  1. To add value, to give you something useful, something you can use. For example, Don’t buy paper tickets when you travel in London. Instead get an Oyster card. It’s easier to use because you don’t need to put credit for every single journey and more importantly- it’s cheaper!!
  2. To make you say “Wow, I did not know that!” and” Hm, interesting…“. There are so many fascinating stories and interesting facts we have already shared and they are now waiting for you to explore them. For example, one of the must-take-a-picture spots in London is Big Ben. Here is the mass confusion: Big Ben is not the name of the tower or the name of the clock, not even the whole structure. Big Ben is the name of the Great Bell inside the tower. Yes, the great one. You got it right, there is more than one bell. But enough of this for now. Click here if you want to find out more about the tower and the bell itself.

So if you have a curious nature or you want to bring it back to life then have a look at our videos for weekly episodes and occasional vlogs, browse through our photos to find picture spots & daily stories and join us on Facebook for updates & #OnThisDay posts. Or why not become part of the Curious Nation and get notifications on our activity? The way to do this is to find the “I WANT IN” button on this or any other page on this website and enter your e-mail address.

And talking about curiosity, in case of any questions, recommendations, video requests, critics or even few nice words, send us a message on any social media or check the Contact us page for more ways to get in touch.


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