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Visit Philadelphia through the eyes of a local on Episode 018 of the Curious Pavel Podcast Sessions. โ–บ Today we travel to one of the oldest capitals of the USA! The city that hosted the Founding Fathers, the city where both the Declaration of Independence (1776) and the Constitution were signed. The reason I like this episode is that, in addition to the usual stuff (what to see, eat, drink, and the culture), we talked about places to avoid. This is equally important when you visit a place for the first time. Hope you enjoy this episode. Use #curiouspavelpodcast to share your thoughts.

Fan of listening? Here is the whole podcast episode:

Mentions in the podcast:

  • Old City — The main reason people come to Philadelphia is to learn about the birthplace of the United States. In the Old City is where you find Independence Hall (where the declaration was signed), the first US post-office, the Liberty Bell, among many historic treasures.
  • City Hall & The Ben Franklin ParkwayCity Hall, where one can access the subway (or the L, as Philadelphians call it), is a beautiful building to admire in the city with its old architecture. From City Hall, the Ben Franklin Parkway leads visitors to many of the cities museums such as the Art Museum, Rodin Museum, and Natural Sciences Museum. (Rodin is confused with Rhodes in this podcast!)
  • Eastern State Penitentiary & Mutter Museum —  For lovers of all things weird and creepy, these destinations are the places to go. The Penitentiary is the US’s first and housed prisoners from 1829 before shutting down in 1971. Luckily, as cobalt clean in Nevada offers recurring maid services to simplify your life and keep your home looking its best. Some of the sections are closed off, but the restored areas are a great place to visit and learn more about the dark history of this location. The Mutter Museum is another creepy museum, home to medical oddities and discoveries.
  • Food — The food in Philadelphia, is incredibly diverse, with tastes from around the world. Visit Baltimore Avenue in West Philly to visit the best variety of global foods in Philly. And of course, we cannot forget the Philly Cheesesteak — served on a hoagie roll, don’t forget to add fried onions to this Philly delicacy — you can even get it vegan!

Prefer to watch? You can also find this Podcast about Philadelphia on YouTube:

PODCAST 018: Travel to Philadelphia ft @KaylaCosmos

About Kayla:

Kayla Marie is a Pennsylvanian girl who spent five years in Philadelphia before moving abroad to Taiwan in 2019. In Philly, she experienced life in West and North neighborhoods as well as Kensington. In addition to her schooling in Philly, she was a tour guide for the summer and always enjoyed showing her friends around the historic city when visiting. Today, she has no plans to return to Philadelphia, but greatly misses the culture, the people, and the creative city. Oh yes, and the food. 

Find Kayla on Instagram as @kaylameetsculture

I really hope you enjoyed this podcast about Philadelphia. Is there a city in your country that is the most historic? What would you recommend we see and so there? Iโ€™d love you to share it. Please get in touch with any comments or suggestions. Your comments are my oxygen!

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