Podcast Travel Stories #2: “No Running Water” ft Eisa Alhabib

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The Power of Adaptation

How I adapted to living with NO RUNNING WATER | ► Episode 2 of the Podcast Travel Stories series features the return of a familiar guest!

As I promised you last week, we will have Eisa as a guest once again. In the previous episode, White Waters Took My GoPro, Eisa promised us a motivating tale, and so here he is to enlighten us…

On this episode, I share a story about how I was able to adapt in a very uncomfortable environment where I spent 2 weeks living on a pier of a small island in Cambodia with 5 hours of power, no running water, mosquito-infested, and extreme humidity while scuba diving every day working on a marine conservation project. The adaptation story is from a trip to Cambodia, on an island called Koh Rong, here is the video (vlog) I recorded on my first day arriving on the island: https://www.instagram.com/p/_mUhKknnL-/

Eisa Alhabib

Fan of listening? Here is the whole podcast episode:

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PODCAST: How I adapted to live with NO RUNNING WATER @eisayo

About Eisa

Born and raised in the UAE having Kuwaiti parents, Eisa Alhabib grew up with a passion for making videos. At the age of 18, he moved to Canada to pursue higher education and is now completing a Bachelor’s degree with a minor in Film Studies. During his studies abroad, Eisa travelled across the world documenting his trips that included volunteering in 6 different countries and meaningful adventure-seeking. In 2019 he spoke at a TEDx event in which he shared his unique experiences. Eisa has also taken part in numerous video contests in which he has received prizes. Most notably, he won the Young Creatives Award by the International Emmy®️ Awards in 2017 for his short film Domestic Cycle.

Find Eisa on:

  • Instagram: @eisayo
  • YouTube: Eisa Alhabb
  • Twitter: @EisaAlhabib

I really hope you enjoyed this second episode in the Travel Stories series. Do you have your own story of finding yourself in a really uncomfortable situation? How did you get through it? Did it work out ok for you, as it did for Eisa?

I’d love you to share it. Please get in touch with any comments or suggestions. Your comments are my oxygen!

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