🇪🇸 PODCAST 013: Travel to Andalucia ft Karen Rosenblum

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Time to go back to Spain! Way back in Episode 2 of the podcast series, we travelled to Sevilla which is the capital of Andalucia. This area in the south of Spain is vibrant, beautiful, has a rich history, nice weather and warm people. It is safe to say that if you haven’t been to Spain, Andalucia is a great place to start from. I will introduce you to Karen who has a travel company in the region. In addition to the usual food, drinks and history talks, we will also talk about the wine culture, cheese and festivals. Enjoy all this and plenty of spectacular pictures on Episode 13 (lucky for all) of the Curious Pavel Podcast Sessions!

Fan of listening? Here is the whole podcast episode:

Links to more information about what Karen mentioned in the podcast:

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🇪🇸 PODCAST 013: Travel to Andalucia ft Karen Rosenblum

About Karen:

Karen Rosenblum has 20 years of experience in the professional travel industry working for companies such as Airbnb and STA Travel. She now specializes in personalized travel consulting and handcrafting Spain itineraries based on her clients’ unique needs through her business: Spain Less Traveled.  Last year, she created: Travel Spain!, a fast-growing Facebook community for Spain travellers (and travel dreamers) who want to discover Spain more authentically and (a bit more) off the beaten path.

A true traveler at heart, Karen has explored over 60 countries, mostly solo.  Aside from Spain, some of her favorite destinations are Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Portugal, Myanmar, Perú, and Morocco.  

From California, Spain truly stole her heart and uprooted her life to Madrid, the city she now calls home.

(You can connect with her through her website at spainlesstravled.com, join her Travel Spain! community on Facebook at facebook.com/groups/travelspain or follow her on Instagram at https://instagram.com/spainlesstraveled)

We hope you enjoyed finding out more about Andalucia in this podcast, the home of Sherry, Gazpacho and free Tapas! Any questions you have about this fascinating region, we’ll do our best to answer them. We love your comments and suggestions.

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