🇯🇴 Podcast 027: Travel to Jordan ft @IbnHattuta

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Today, curious friends, I’m taking you to the country where you can swim in the lake that is the lowest point on earth (the Dead Sea), visit an ancient city that was lost until the 19th Century (Petra), the country that has a capital city (Amman) that is one of the oldest to ever exist. Today, we’re travelling to Jordan with a great human being, Kasem, and learning about the local culture, food, and sightseeing tips, on episode 27 of the Curious Pavel Podcast Sessions.

Fan of listening? Here is the whole podcast episode:

Mentions in the podcast about Jordan:

  • Areas to visit in Jordan:
  • Amman
  • Petra
  • Wadi Rum Desert
  • Beaches of Aqaba & Scuba diving
  • Jerash
  • Food and drinks:
  • Jordanian cuisine
  • Mansaf

Those who prefer their radio with pictures? Here’s the podcast about Jordan on YouTube:

PODCAST Travel to Jordan ft @IBNHATTUTA #27

About IbnHattuta

Kasem is a Jordanian/Palestinian traveler and content creator on various social media platforms, but mainly Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok, and Instagram. He is well known by the name @IbnHattuta. Kasem has a goal of making videos in every country in the world and has already finished 52.

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Bonus Curious Facts about Jordan:

  • Jordan is the only Arab country with no oil.
  • Jordan is home to many important sites from the Bible: the ill-fated cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, the Jordan River where Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist, and Mount Nebo, where Moses died.
  • To this day, Royal babies in the UK are baptised by water that comes from the River Jordan (although Prince William was christened with tap water, as they were short of Jordanian water at the time!).
  • Jordan was at one time known as Philadelphia, during the Roman period.
  • It is polite to refuse a meal 3 times before accepting it.
  • But don’t eat or drink with your left hand, which is considered rude and unclean.
  • Jordan’s national flower is the Black Iris, which grows only in Wadi Rum desert, and only in the spring.

Thank you for reading this far. What has been the most interesting fact about Jordan for you? Please give me a few more seconds and say HI. Your comments are my oxygen!

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