Why a foreigner would move to Bulgaria & how’s life there ~ 1 min read

Why anybody from a developed country would move to BULGARIA? That makes no sense! Well, that somebody is Luis and he's from Portugal. These foreigners moving to Bulgaria were like leprechauns to me: Heard of them but never seen one. Now I GOT ONE! I didn't miss my oportunity and asked Luis HOW IS LIFE IN BULGARIA and few other questions. Watch his answers.

The Curious Ones EP 3 ► Why DOCUMENTING is Important

Social media can be good or be bad. You decide this! But the good sides of social media are mainly 2: It allows you to document & it helps you to find your audience, eliminating the middleman. This is a huge opportunity that you should AT LEAST TRY. Taste it, learn it, if you don't like it- move on. But the worst that can happen is to leave something to your (grand)children, to show them a bit of yourself.