How to Start a YouTube channel? *The Curious Ones* ep 1 ~ 1.30 min read

Have you noticed how more and more people would like to become YouTubers? Well, YouTube is “a thing” now. There are plenty of YouTubers that make money out of it. But this thing is just like any other business: it needs time, needs efforts, you need to sacrifice your Fifa hours and your Friday evenings or buying that fourth pair of shoes because you can buy a microphone with the money. There’s just so many things. And the problem here (again, like any other business) is that so many people go into it just because “it’s the trend”, just because their neighbor is doing well on YouTube. If you are not into filming, editing, networking, if you are not comfortable in front of the camera, give this thing second thoughts. But if your skin is getting “wild” when you are thinking of these things, if you are willing to play the long game, then welcome aboard. You’ll be surprised how many beautiful things will come on your way.
One of them is the amazing people you will meet along the way. “Curious Pavel” just started new series where we meet you with awesome characters we met on our journey.
First episode we talked with David (@FirstWorldTraveller) about HOW TO START A YOUTUBE CHANNEL but not the technical part of it. Not how to register it or upload a video. We talked about the mental part. How to prepare yourself for the journey and what to expect. We also had some humor due to David’s great personality and his choice of a haircut in the past 👦😳
I would now encourage you to check the video below even if you are not thinking of a YouTube career. I’m sure you’ll gain something out of it or at least will have a laugh.
Any questions? Let me know 🙂


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