How to add an External Microphone to my Camera so it doesn't BLOCK my Flip Up Screen ~ 1.30 min read

Sooo many times I have seen the “What equipment do you use” question that I would like to throw just one thing here before we get to the point. You don’t need a big camera, a long lens, 3 big lights, your external microphone. All you need to start is your phone or even your old camera. Yes, quality is important, but way more attention you should pay to the content you produce. These things will come later. Either you will save some money by reducing your shopping you don’t really need or even your close ones will probably give you some of the stuff you need for your birthday or Christmas. My point is not to overthink the situation and start with what you have. Don’t waste time! 

a canon eos m3 camera holded by one hand that goes in the frame. the camera has a microphone which is not visible due to the dead cat. there are flowers in the background together with a metal fence and a wood one

Let’s say you are moving forward and upgrading your gear. There are tons of nice cameras depending on your budget. As you are vlogging you will probably like to see yourself while doing it. Some cameras, like my Canon EOS M3,  are really good but this flip screen is bothering me. I searched around the web and found the best solution for me. It’s really easy to make, not expensive and I would highly recommend you to have a look at it.
how to fix flip screen attach external microphone on the side of the camera curious pavel 2

Here’s what you are going to need:
Rode Mic: That’s the microphone I bought but if you like any better then go for it. I liked this one because RODE is a well established brand plus I had the so called “dead cat” included in the package.
Adjustable Clip ties: they will hold the microphone. The only “issue” is that they come too many in the package. You gonna need just one.
Dual Lock Velcro: your support (attachment) between the microphone and the camera.
Rubber bands: well, I’m sure you can easily find some.
Check this 3-minute-video explaining the process Step-by-step ⬇️⬇️⬇️


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  1. Thanks for the tips! I never thought about doing this, so I’m definitely going to look into.

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