Can travel change the world? If so, then how? ~ 1 min read

So I met with Lisa from to film another episode of The Curious Ones.

My idea was to talk about how she sees travelling, why she likes to travel so much and what’s the idea behind

I was listening to her stories until she mentioned that travelling can change the world. That hit me in the face! How can travelling change the world?! So, having in mind my curious nature, I asked

“Hold on, let’s stay on this one. How do you think travelling can change the world??”

And then she explained. The more she was talking about this, the more I realized I already know what she was talking about. I was finishing her thought in my head.
I agree with her statement. I just didn’t think about it so much. It was subconsciously in me. That’s what travelling has done to me.

And yes, I fully agree with Lisa. Travelling can change the world! Because the more you travel, the more open you become to the world. You get to know the habits and customs of other people and then, if one day they perform/say/act in a certain way that might be offensive to you, you will remember you’ve seen that in your travels and that the other side doesn’t do this to piss you off or hurt you but because it’s just who they are. That’s just one of the beauty of travelling ♥️

Here’s the full talk with Lisa ⬇️⬇️⬇️

I’m curious to find out what your thoughts are on this matter. Drop me a comment.

2 thoughts on “Can travel change the world? If so, then how? ~ 1 min read

  1. I think you are an optimist, CuriousPavel. 😂 I admire this, of course, but I think that travelling can only change you/the world if you want it to, or if you are the kind of person that seeks new ideas and experiences.

    There are, sadly, plenty of people for whom travelling is not a way to broaden their horizons, but visiting new places merely serves to confirm their own prejudices and world-views. “Oh, it was great, but it didn’t have… or they didn’t do… or everything was so different and difficult and dirty, and the people were so stupid, because they…”

    I hope that I always try to encounter a new place with an open mind, and I really WANT travelling to change the world, because it changes my world view. Yes, you are right… you already had that feeling, I know… that’s why Lisa’s message resonated with you… fantastic. 👍

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