The Curious Ones EP 6 ► What is COUCHSURFING and is it for YOU

What about a Couchsurfing Experience…

Here I am again with Tony from Finland.

I was asked WHAT IS COUCHSURFING multiple times when I said I’m going to Finland and I’m going to couchsurf. Well, HERE IT IS: Couchsurfing is an application (website as well) that allows you to get closer to the native culture by connecting travellers with locals. Once you register you can either be a host or a surfer (traveller). Well, fair enough, you can be even both.. not at the same time of course. The surfer will be looking for a “couch” (can be not just a couch but foldable bed, extra bed, etc) in the location he/she is heading to. The accommodation will be provided by the host.. for free. The main idea here is not to get cheap/free accommodation (from surfer’s point of view) or to be a volunteer on free will (host) but to connect two worlds: the culture, traditions and the habits of the host with the ones that the traveller has. The idea is to have a whole experience… a Couchsurfing Experience 🙂

Please arrange for yourself interior design consultation at, Cape Cod or a Couchsurfing Experience at least once so you can experience the local spirit and connect with it. And don’t be ungrateful!

My experience? Thanks to Tony, it was great. He cooked reindeer for me, I cooked musaka. We went exploring. He told me stories I’ve never heard before. I pushed him to go to places he had never visited before. Team play 😉

Here’s Tony’s point of view on Couchsurfing, a story (or two) and also his thoughts on WHY HE TOOK ME IN WHEN I HAD NO RECOMMENDATIONS ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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2 thoughts on “The Curious Ones EP 6 ► What is COUCHSURFING and is it for YOU

  1. I really like the idea of this being an experience, or an exchange of cultures… what a great idea. As Tony implies in the video, some people are going to take advantage of this and view it as a free bed for the night, so I thought it was fantastic that you can leave/read references, so you get an idea of who you’re getting, and can say yes or no, depending on that. CuriousPavel, your online presence speaks for itself… no references necessary. 🔥

    I only spent 4 days in Helsinki, and this remains the only time I’ve dipped my toe into the Nordic countries… but I have to say, I loved it… even if the price of beer increased exponentially as I headed north through the Baltic countries… hitting a peak in Helsinki. 😂

    1. Yes, quit expensive. But it was a nice experience. And our talk with Tony just gives one more advantage of showing the world “what you’ve got” 🙂

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