The Curious Ones EP 3 ► Why DOCUMENTING is Important

Why Documenting is Important? Social Media is giving us an incredible opportunity to reach an audience of ourselves by skipping the middleman. If you are not looking for an audience and you think you will not good and nobody will care, I think you are wrong. There are people for everything (TRUST ME on that!) and with time you will find like minded people. But even if you are super negative and only think of how much you suck, you should still document because the least you do is recording yourself for your (grand)children. Document for them. Show them who you were.
Lucy (YouTUbe: PiesySuelo) joined me for a talk. Probably was going to be more interested for you if next to me was somebody who will disagree with me on the subject but you see.. people for everything. She is with me on this one just like you will find people that are on the same “station” as you.
So, when are you starting?
Here is the full talk we had ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Other talks we had before are:


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