Where to stay in DUBAI ► TRYP by Wyndham Dubai <3 Great Hotel Recommendation

Tryp By Wyndham Dubai! That is the place you have to consider if you are ever going to Dubai? This place was great and the price was really reasonable. Lets dig into it..

Here’s a snap from our Club room..

TRYP by Wyndham Dubai room where to stay in dubai recommendations
Club Room in TRYP by Wyndham Dubai

I’m writing this article at the end of my second day and so far I haven’t found any negative sides here. It’s fantastic! If by the end of my stay something happens, I’ll update the article. But in the meantime, here are the advantages I’m enjoying:

  • Location, location, location! The hotel is about 10 minutes away from Dubai Internet City. Depending on the places you want to to visit you may not even need to use the metro as…
  • There’s a shuttle bus every single day… IT’S FOR FREE! 😊 The bus can take you to 2 malls (Mall of the Emirates & Outlet Mall), 2 beaches (JBR beach and Kite beach), and to Dubai Internet City Metro Station.

Here’s how the shuttle bus looks lkke:

an gray avis mini bus picture from the side used as a shuttle service of tryp by wyndham hotel in dubai
Shuttle Bus (TRYP by Wyndham Dubai)

And here’s a full list of TRYP by Wyndham Dubai Shuttle bus schedule:

what is the schedule of the shuttle bus of TRYP by Wyndham Dubai
Shuttle Bus Schedule (TRYP by Wyndham Dubai)
  • Gym! There’s a 24/7 gym. Till now I’ve seen only photos of it 🙈 that’s not a common thing for me as I’m quite an active guy buuuuut we walk quite a lot every day PLUS when I was still recovering from a flu PLUS …
  • An amazing breakfast every day!!! Everything you can imagine is here and it’s ALL YOU CAN EAT! Well, may be you can think of something that might not be here but I still haven’t found anything. Here’s my usual breakfast:
a huge plate of food with cheese, scrambled eggs, bacon, tomatoes, potatoes and olives
Breakfast for champions! Really.. you’re a champion if you finish this

I usually eat often in small portions which confuses people in the thinking that “I eat all the time”. But with that breakfast I break all of my rules and it keeps me full for a half day. I even managed to squeeze in a croissant with some Nutella 🥐🙈
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  1. Breakfast of champions indeed… and a great location! Thanks for the detail here… I hope your positive experiences continue… ❤

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