Bali Hotel Tour – Ubud, Kuta, Tabanan, Gili Air, Uluwatu Hotels Review ~ 2 min read

With this article I won’t show you the best hotels and guest houses to stay in when travelling to Bali. No! I’ll show you something much better- the places I stayed in. How this is better you may ask? I’m sharing my personal opinion on actual footages I’m showing you from there because let’s face it, often times pictures, videos and articles show the good side of the hotels and when you go at the destination… you get surprised very quickly.
For about 17 days I’ve stayed in 5 different locations. So let’s begin…

  • Ubud ➡️ Umah Dangin Guest House:

Location: very enjoyable location- about 15 minutes walking from what’s happening in the city. Multiple things to be seen in the area.
What to see and do in the area: Ubud Center, Ubud Market, Monkey Forest, Elephant Cave, Tegenungan Waterfall, Gangga Rafting, Tegallalang coffee plantation and rice terrace, Tampaksiring.
Price of your stay: £26 per night for a double room including breakfast (Photo 1 | Photo 2) 🍳
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  • Tabanan (Antasari) ➡️ Soka Indah Restaurant and Bungalows:

Location: worst location ever- next to a busy road with very limited (if not no) things to be seen in close area.
What to see and do in the area: Nothing … really. There’s a beach which is not suitable for swimming and with its black sand it is also not very nice for sun baths.
Price of your stay: £22 per night for a double room (bungalow).

🛌 I am NOT RECOMMENDING you this place but if you are CURIOUS about it, CLICK HERE. Check this video for some shocking footage from the place.

  • Kuta ➡️ Pavilion Hotel:

Location: Close to the beach and local restaurants & shops.
What to see and do in the area: Kuta beach (now we are talking!), surfing (nice waves), Tanah lot, Jatiluwih, Bratan lake (one of the 20 most beautiful lakes in the world), loads of shopping opportunities- not limited only to local stands and shops but shopping centers as well.
Price of your stay: £17 per night for a double room.
kuta hotel visit bali travel indonesia.png
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  • Gili Air ➡️ Tyrrell Cottages and Restaurant:

Location: On the south side of the island which is where the harbour of Gili Air is. You will need to walk less than 10 minutes to get there. Also many of the restaurants and shops are located in the area. Nice beaches in the east / south east part of the island. About 15 minutes walk from the hotel.
What to see and do in the area: snorkeling, scuba diving, glass bottom boats, few really good beaches, total relaxation. You can even do the snorkeling yourself. Just be careful as there’s a poisonous fish you really need to avoid.
Price of your stay: £17 per night for a double room including breakfast 🍳
Check this video from 8:51 for footage of this place.
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  • Uluwatu ➡️ Batu Kandik Homestay:

Location: Next to a mid-busy road but you hear no traffic. There are few beaches in the area but with exception of one which was 15 min walk and a cliff to go down from (and then up..), the other beaches are so far that you need a transportation. The hotel staff is kind enough to offer free transportation to most of the locations (not just beaches but also Uluwatu Temple for example) on one way. The return you need to pay (clever!).
What to see and do in the area: Uluwatu Temple, Kecak Dance Performance, beaches.
Price of your stay: £16 per night
Uluwatu Hotel- Bali hotels, what to see in bali indonesia, Curious Pavel travel
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Watch this video for the whole story and for better understanding of the places described ⬇️⬇️⬇️


37 thoughts on “Bali Hotel Tour – Ubud, Kuta, Tabanan, Gili Air, Uluwatu Hotels Review ~ 2 min read

  1. It’s nice to get personal recommendations when you travel, as if you haven’t been somewhere, it’s hard to sort out the great from the good from the grotesque! Thanks… that guest house in Ubud looks like heaven…

          1. I know…most flights to other parts of England Europe take off from there….and it crowded too…..I haven’t traveled though.

          2. Yes, I have as I was in Kuta when I had to go to Gili Air:)
            Probably the most important thing here is not to buy anything online. Get tickets from the streets. It’s cheaper!
            You need to arrange a transport to the east coast where there is a harbour. Usually when you buy the boat ticket it included a transpiration. Somebody goes from few places and fills up the van.
            Our transport was arranged by Lucy. You can send her a message on Instagram.
            Tell her you find her through me. You may get a good price:) nevertheless, have in mind that almost any price (if not any) in Bali will negotiable so when you are in Kuta go around the streets, talk with few sellers and what the prices are and then contact Lucy.
            If you are looking for a tour guide .. I can’t recommend enough Gede
            Hit me up if you have more questions:)

          3. Thank you so much!!! That was indeed helpful. I will contact Lucy for the boat trip. Since we are in group I am not sure, if require a guide. in case I do then, I shall get in touch with Gede. For all the assistance you have provided, I am grateful and would like to invite you to India. If you are planning to visit Bangalore, dont forget to count on me for any thing that you require.

          4. So happy to see this was helpful to you. I wish you great time there. Send some pictures 🙂
            And of course if you have any more questions just let me know.
            Thank you so much for your invitation. They’re is so much from Asia I would like to explore- India, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, Australia, New Zealand…
            I’ll definitely let you know when the time comes:)

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