Gary Vee culture

(Gaaa-ryyy Veeeeeee)

If for whatever reason you are not familiar with the content this guy produces, quickly jump to YouTube and search for “Gary vee keynote”. Usually the first 10 minutes of every keynote he talks about who he is, what he had become and how. But don’t just watch 2 min from one video clip. Watch 2, 3 different videos. Otherwise it may turn out our don’t like him which is what happened to many people at first.. including me.

So now that you are back from YouTube

If you decide not to follow his journey, that’s fine. But I can promise you that if you don’t live isolated from social media, you’ll hear about him again. And again.

Gary Vaynerchuck is not a shoe maker. He is not a shoe distributor as well. But that’s the second edition of sneakers he releases and as you can see from the video below.. there was an interest. That’s because he’s good in finding the attention and that’s why you will hear from him again.

Gary Vee in London

Watch this video to get a fraction of an idea of what it was at the sneaker release and what Gary is all about ⬇️⬇️⬇️


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