HOW TO REACT TO CHANGES in life OR to YOUTUBE going to 1000 Subscribers & 4000 Hours Watch time

Life is full with changes whether you like it or not. But while there are changes you can influence like ending up a relationship or moving to a new place, there are some changes that are out of your range like increasing of the prices of public transportation, your boss hiring a complete moron you need to work with and most recently- YouTube changing their terms on monetization for small channels.
There was a huge wave of unhappy small creators and they are still going with their posts. The question here is … WHAT CAN WE DO? Here’s what …. nothing!
For me the real question is not “what to do now” but “how to react”. The second one sounds more inviting for action.
So.. there are two directions you can take.

  • Go defence. You decide the only reasonable thing to do is to complain to your friends and to everybody in social media. Post hating connects. Complain to your colleague, etc.
  • Go offense. Work more, Upload more. Or look for another platform. That’s of course is the case with YouTube. If it’s something else you just need to sit down and think of a solution. Or speak with somebody. Ask your teacher. Ask whoever you value. But one way not to continue with your life is to sit and ponder, strategize, overthink or even hate. Go offensive and do something about it!

Hope this helps you in whatever case you may have in your life right now. Here’s the video I recorded to this article ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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