How to survive long (and not only) flights ~ 2.30 min read

How to survive a long flight… Have you ever thought about that? I wasn’t even though I knew flying from London to Bali will take me “ages”. But I think it’s all gonna be fine. It’s just a regular flight but a bit longer. Well, it was an experience… So now I would like to give you my experience, together with some research, and offer you 10 tips on how to survive those long flights.
1. Rest before you go. Make sure you get a solid rest before your flight. Also, the night before you fly, adjust your watch to the time zone you are going to. Never done this but I read about it and I am keep to try it next time. It will probably help your body adjust.
2. Board last! I always wonder why people rush and wait on the queue and want to go first on the plane… may be they think the seats are less number than the passangers.I always apply this rule but I will definitely recommend you to do so for long flights because the planes for long flights are huge and sometimes they are not full at all. So if you board last you may get a whole row of seats and be able to lie down and get a better sleep. Still, even if you are not the last one, you can still might be able to find these free seats. Just go to your seat, look around for an empty row and be quick after the seat belt sign turns off.
3. Get a wet wipe and wipe everything around you. Another thing I haven’t been doing till now but probably will start doing. With so many people constantly flying, planes are full with germs and your probability to “catch something” on a plane is a big one.
4. Once you are on board- get comfortable. Get out of your backpack everything you may need like headphones, laptop, water bottle and store your bag somewhere far away from your legs. To get extra comfy- remove your shoes. Cabin pressure affects your circulation.
5. Dress well. Airplanes get cold and a lot of them will not have a blanket for you. So do not wait for it and prepare yourself. How? Dress in layers- jackets, scarfs, hats, even an extra pair of socks will be great.
6. Pack well. Eye masks and ear buds are easy to pack. If you are planning to sleep- take them. I always take my computer to edit something and be active… 🔥 or procrastinate and watch a movie… 😐 Take Headphones (preferably noise cancelation ones), ipads, ipods, kindles… just remember to charge them before you go. A books could be nice too..
7. Eat and drink right. Long flights usually have food included so choose carbs rich foods if possible. They are high in insulin and will help you adjust to jet lag. Take some snacks, bars or fruits with you. Also, drink a lot of water and avoid caffeine and alcohol (if possible).
8. Move around. Flying is not natural and sitting in one spot for hours can do you harm. Walk around the airplane ooooor do some exercises while seated- move your ankles, step on the seat and do some turnings, move around your shoulders. Keep that circulation going 😉
9. Try and get some sleep. For some people it is difficult to sleep while flying but try to do it. You will not want to arrive at your destination and go directly to sleep.
10. Arrive Fresh. Before the procedure of landing starts, go to the toilet and wash your face, brush your teeth, may be even change your shirt. You will feel like a different person. Little things will make a difference at the end:)
Here you are, 10 little tips that can make your travelling more pleasant. Definitely I have missed something but I do know what exactly. If you know, please let me know in the comments because I would like to know more on this subject.
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  1. I’m with you on the shoes! So much comfier when you’ve removed them. I love your idea of grabbing the free seats, but almost all of my flights are practically full 🙁

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