Barcelona Cathedral: the #1 Tip you need to know about your travel to Catalunya (Spain) ~ 2.30 min read

Before I get to the tip that most likely brought you here, I want to make something very, very clear. The city of Barcelona has one and only one Cathedral and it is not this one…

sagrada familia is not the cathedral in barcelona, visit spain, curious pavel
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

This, as you can see from the caption of the photo, is Sagrada Familia which is a basilica and not a cathedral. For the purpose of focusing this post on that particular tip from the title, I have made a separate, short, 1.30 min (read) post that explains the difference between a cathedral and a basilica. If I am reading this article right now and I don’t know the difference between these two, I will jump directly to Google and search for it. That’s how hungry for curiosities I am … or that easy to be distracted.. depending on the view point. Anyway, if you would like to know the difference then simply click/tap HERE
Lets get to that tip now. Firstly, this is how the cathedral looks like…
Barcelona Cathedral - visit barcelona catalunya spain curious pavel tour guide
Barcelona Cathedral

Quite impressive, isn’t it? 😯
There’s a big chance you will find this cathedral even without looking for it as it is in a “central position”.. more or less. It’s right next to the “gates” of the old town, in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.
Here’s what is likely to happen: you will go there, queue for a bit, pay entry, go inside, enjoy the architecture and the gooses in the garden yard which is part of the cathedral and you will go on the roof top.. if you don’t forget to ask where the door is.
Here’s what happened to me: skipped the queue, didn’t pay anything at the entry, just €3 to go to the top of the cathedral but that you will have to pay anyway. No, I don’t have relatives working there that sneaked me in. And no, I didn’t go inside through a side door where nobody sees you. Here’s the thing… apparently the cathedral closes at around 12:30 for about half an hour. When it reopens at 13 o’clock, you have to pay an entry fee. Not sure how much that is but I believe something around €5. Five Euros is not a serious amount but why wouldn’t you skip it if you can? 😉 So, go before 12 o’clock. Thats what I did. Enjoyed the inside and the top and when I went out, the cathedral closed. I heard that the “entry fee” thing is “there” till about 17:30 but then I am not sure till what time the cathedral is open. So best will be to go in the morning. After your view from the top, go around the Old Town of Barcelona. Literally lose yourself there. Those historical little streets are amazing 🤩
Watch from where to get to the roof top and also a small and really curious fact about the facade of the cathedral, all in this. All that in the short video below ⬇️⬇️⬇️


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  1. Great tips… Barcelona is a city I would love to visit… I’ve never been, but the mix of buildings, food and lifestyle makes it seem to me like an ideal holiday destination. I’d love to take the fast trains from London via Paris… that would be a great journey! Pleased you avoided those queues at the cathedral, CP!

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