What is the difference between a CATHEDRAL and a BASILICA ~ 1.30 min read 

Yesterday I posted a video about the Cathedral in Barcelona. Really useful one in terms of tips for your Barcelona visit as you can go to the top of the Cathedral and enjoy an amazing view 😍 but sometimes you can do it for a cheaper price (!). So if travelling to Barcelona is in your plans, then definitely check this video out by clicking here. If you not gonna see Barcelona any time soon BUT you are a fan of architecture or stunning views then watch the video and satisfy your mind;)
Let’s get to the point here. The purpose of this article is to explain you really briefly what the difference between a Cathedral and a Basilica is. Why explaining? In the video I mentioned that this is the only cathedral in the city of Barcelona. And when I say “this” I don’t mean this…

sagrada familia is not the cathedral in barcelona, visit spain, curious pavel
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

I maean this…
Barcelona Cathedral - visit barcelona catalunya spain curious pavel tour guide
The Cathedral in Barcelona

That might be a confusion. Just because Sagrada Familia is very famous and huge, that doesn’t mean it is a cathedral. So let’s go with the differences…

  • Basilica- a basilica is simply an important church building designated by the pope because it carries special spiritual, historical and/or architectural significance. Basilica is the highest permanent designation for a church building, and once a church is named a basilica, it cannot lose its basilica status.
  • Cathedral- the word Cathedra in Latin means “chair” and in Greek “kathedra” means “seat”. The seat here is “reserved” for the bishop. That’s his throne, his “home”. A cathedral is the principal (home) church of a diocese (the district that the bishop “takes care of”) and traditionally represents the seat of power and authority of the leader of the diocese.

And that my curious friends is the significant difference between a cathedral and a basilica.
See the Cathedral in Barcelona from the inside ⬇️⬇️⬇️


3 thoughts on “What is the difference between a CATHEDRAL and a BASILICA ~ 1.30 min read 

    1. I never really even thought about this. It is when I read that sagrada Familia is not a cathedral and that made my Curiosity Tickle 😁 As tomorrow I’m releasing an article about the CATHEDRAL in Barcelona, I have decided to explain this separately.
      Thanks for reading:)

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