Universal Travel Essentials when Travelling to a New Destination..  or Bali ~ 2 min read 

The points in going to “touch” in this article are related to my holiday in Bali and the article will be selected in the Bali Category. Nevertheless, the things I’ll share with you here are universal, as the title says it, and you can apply them wherever you go. These things are internet, transportation and money. With other words- what’s the best option for internet: should you buy a local sim card or go with the roaming charges, where to buy the local sim card if you decide to go for it; should you rent a motorbike, a car, a minivan, a truck or a bicycle, or is the public transport the best option; where should you exchange money, how much money you should exchange, how to get to know the money and the rates. All this is universal and you’ll need it wherever you go.

  1. Internet ➡️ 2 options here: either buy a local SIM card or go with the roaming charges. The second option might not be that bad as it sounds. Check with your mobile operator for “feel at home”. If the country you are going to is on their list, you will be able to use much of the data like you are in your home country.
  2. Transportation ➡️ 2 options again – either do it yourself or hire somebody. Rent a car, a motorbike, a bicycle or hire a driver. This may not be that “posh” as it sounds and in countries like Indonesia is not expensive. The roads in Bali are narrow and very busy. Having a driver allowed me to write articles, edit videos or simply enjoy the views while, if I was driving, all this would be impossible.
  3. Money ➡️ take time to familiarize yourself with the local money- how they look like and how much is in your currency so you can make comparison of different goods and services while you are there. For the Balinese money tips make sure you check the video below.

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4 thoughts on “Universal Travel Essentials when Travelling to a New Destination..  or Bali ~ 2 min read 

  1. Great post. I can’t help but comment on the Internet subject. A third option is to just not use it unless wifi is available. It’s amazing how much more people will see and experience (and figure out) when they put the devices away.

      1. Yes a number of times. It takes a couple days to get used to and if you need something just find a cafe with wireless. But by the third day I barely took my phone or iPad out.

        1. My phone broke few months ago and while I was waiting for the new one I was few days without. It was white difficult to go around London without a map. I was checking it on a PC and then wondering my way out. But I an too bounded together with my phone now as I try to take every minute I have and post something somewhere- Instagram, blog, Twitter and YouTube takes loads of my time plus I am interesting worth my audience. I do get rid of my phone doe moments like dinners but whole days is not for me.
          I’m happy to hear you tried this thing and it went well for you 🙂

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