Latest news from Bali: Mount Agung [28 Sep]

With every day passing the erruption of Mount Agung seems more and more IMMINENT

  • Till now more than 100 000 people were evacuated of the 12 km radius.
  • Some brave people went back risking their lives to rescue hundreds of abounded dogs. 
  • Last Saturday Indonesia has issued the highest possible alert of volcano. 
  • More than 1000 earthquakes have been reported in the last two days. On Wednesday some 800 tremors were detected. 
  • About 10 airports are ready to serve as an alternative in case if ashes reduce the visibility of the Balinese airport. 
  • White smoke has been seen raising to 200 m above the crater.

    Nevertheless, the Balinese government has issued a statement urging tourists to “please, come and visit Bali” despite the threat of Mount Agung.
    “Do not spread the misleading news that Bali is not safe because Mount Agung is on the highest alert status. Please, come and visit Bali”.

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