Bali Volcano: What's happening at Mount Agung (Indonesia) ~ 1 min read

Indonesia, horray. Bali, double horray. I feel fortunate to be here but at the same time unlucky as a disaster is close to happen. You have probably heard of it- a volcano that is about to errupt. The name’s Agung. Mount Agung. It’s not the first eruption but the last one was in 1963. More than 1000 people died back then but many preferred not to flee but to stay in their houses and pray. Also the eruption came unexpected.

a map of bali showing the location of mount agung the erupting volcano
Mount Agung Location

Mount Agung is in the east part of Bali island. This time, in difference with 1963 you can see it coming.


  • The volcano has started showing signs of activity since end of August with small seismic activities. Just on 25 Sep ’17 were registered more than 500 activities.
  • Monkeys and snakes have been seen leaving the area probably feeling the heat of the ground.

Whats actions have been taken?

  • The authorities have given the highest possible level of risk.
  • Evacuation is on plan: more than 50 000 people have been evacuated to date.

How long the volcano can be active? Only the nature knows. Last time when Agung erupted in February 1963 it stayed active till January the next year.

a map of the world with the ring of fire marked with a red colour
Ring of Fire

Mount Agung is just one of the 130 active volcanoes in Indonesia that are part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. About 90% of the world’s earthquakes and 81% of the world’s largest earthquakes occur along the Ring of Fire which leads to tsunamis and lava domes.

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