Kew Gardens Travel Guide ~ 2 min read

Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew … or shortly known as Kew Gardens. General ticket cost £18 but you can get a way cheaper deal by getting a London Pass or London Explorer Pass.

London has plenty of green areas to offer. For years I’ve satisfied my hunger for parks with Green Park, St James’s Park, Hyde Park…and of course… my favourite… Greenwich Park 😍

And for years I’ve been delaying a visit to a place that I’ve heard a lot about. The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew! What a destination! I say destination as it is a place that you won’t “get away” with just an hour to explore. Spare at least 3 hours only in the garden (not to mention your travel time till there).


A sign showing the Kew Gardens Stop of the London Underground
Kew Gardens has an easy access via London Public Transport


The Gardens are located in Southwest London, just next to Richmond. If you feel adventures then you can hit 2 birds with 1 stone by visiting both Kew Gardens and Richmond Park in the same day. A simple London Underground Train can get you from central London to both Richmond and Kew.

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About the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew

Lake with few ducks a small house and trees with leaves  in the back
One of the lakes at Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is World heritage since 1993. But allow me to shock you with the following statement:

Inside this giant green space you’ll find are over 14 000 trees (no need to count them 😉). Four-teeeeeen thousand!!!!

Many blossomed red roses at Kew gardens with the water Lilly house at the background
Roses at Kew Gardens


Kew Gardens has the largest and most diverse botanical collections in the world!

Think about this for a minute. “Largest and most diverse“. This means that inside you’ll find plants you’ve probably never heard off before. Plants like…

The world’s smallest water Lilly

 A glass house with lilies inside and people outside in Kew gardens
The Water Lily House at Kew Gardens

There are several buildings inside this massive garden. One of them is called the Water Lily house where you can find a collection of … water Lilies 🕵️‍♂️

very big Water lilies made out of white glass
Glass Lilies inside the Water Lily House

One of the Lilies is called Nymphaea thermarum – the smallest water Lily in the world!

A picture of the smallest water Lily in the world while on water at Kew gardens
Nymphaea thermarum

Curious facts… this plant does not exist in the wild any more.. so the garden have basically saved it from extensions ♡

In Kew Gardens you’ll also find…

Chinese Pagoda, one of the oldest buildings in Gardens. Built in 1762 as a gift for Princess Augusta, the founder of the Gardens.

A full sized picture of the Chinese Pagoda in Kew gardens  from far away
Chinese Pagoda

With 253 steps to the top, the Chinese Pogoda is open daily. Ticket is £4.50

A close up photo of the Chinese Pagoda in Kew gardens with an airplane passing by in the background while clear blue sky
Chinese Pagoda close up

The Treetop Walkway
The walkway is a massive metal construction that allows you to see, feel and touch the trees at another level…. Literally! The Treetop Walkway is located in the centre of the gardens and with its 18 m high will offer you spectacular views across the garden and beyond.

Trees and a building viewers from the top of the Treetop Walkway in royal botanical gardens in Kew London
View from the Treetop Walkway

Trees and a building viewers from the top of the Treetop Walkway in Kew Gardens London
View from the Treetop Walkway

The Marianne North Gallery
Named after an English Victorian biologist and botanical artist, notable for her plant and landscape paintings from her extensive foreign travels. Inside the gallery in you’ll find over 800 paintings which were inspired by her travels.

The sign of Marianne North gallery in Kew gardens with the from side of the gallery building
Marianne North gallery

Best time to visit Kew Gardens is from end of March till end of October. Once again, spare about 3 hours to explore the garden.

See more footage from the London’s Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew 👇

Kew Gardens Travel Guide (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew)

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  1. Great pics. I’m now curious about the park bench with the New Zealand fern on it… I guess it’s in memory of a New Zealander.
    Thanks for the amazing facts… it’s astonishing how important Kew Gardens is in the world of botany and preservation… I don’t think I would ever get sick of going to London museums and parks… so much to find out. Thanks for sharing, CP.

    1. A lifetime isn’t enough to see everything in London 🙈
      Unfortunately I can’t satisfy your curiosity about that bench.
      Thanks for the comment:)

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