Cherry blossom in London Greenwich Park ~ 1 min read

Japan is famous for it’s cherry blossom season but London has few spots as well. Small row of cherry tree flowers in Greenwich Park offers an amazing view to all Instagrammers.

Cherry blossom path in Greenwich Park

But if you are far away from Greenwich Park, you can have other options, too. It’s not very difficult to find Cherry Blossoms in London. Just look for the green spaces in the city. As we know, they are quite a lot, so here are (just) some picks:
📍 Regent’s Park (NW1)
📍 St James’s Park (SW1A)
📍 Kew Gardens: that might probably be your best pick, plus your hunt for cherry blossoms will be much easier as the garden has its own Cherry Walk (TW9)
📍 Kensington Gardens (W2)
📍 Alexandra Palace: not the biggest “collection” of cherry blossoms in London but at least the view over the city compensate this! (N22 7AY)
📍 St Paul’s Cathedral (EC4)
📍 Kyoto Garden (W14 8DN)

*In the brackets you’ll find the (half) postcodes to the places. Using postcodes is the easiest and fastest way to locate a place on the map of London (and England). First letters show where the place is located according to the center of London. For example “W” for West, “EC” for East Central, and so on. The greater the number is that follows the letter, the further this place is from central London (usually). What “T’ means? It means this is too far 😅

Cherry blossoms close up
Cherry blossoms in Greenwich Park

Couple of words to be familiar with from Japanese language when it comes to Cherry blossom season:

  • Sakura: cheery blossom
  • Hanami: flower viewing

Watch more footage of the cherry blossoms in Greenwich Park, London ⬇️⬇️⬇️


3 thoughts on “Cherry blossom in London Greenwich Park ~ 1 min read

  1. I love all your extra information. I really want to visit Alexandra Palace because of that amazing view. Love the comment about the T postcodes, too. Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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