Queue Lines at Royal Alcazar in Seville, Spain

The gardens of Royal Alcazar are a popular destination when visiting Seville, Spain. They are even more popular after few episodes of Game Of Thrones were filmed here. Avoid wasting your precious time during your holiday and book in advance!

Just look what kind of lines we are talking about ….

Book your visit online to the Royal Alcazar gardens (or go to the one hour free entry).

4 thoughts on “Queue Lines at Royal Alcazar in Seville, Spain

  1. It’s great to know that once a week there is free entry for an hour! I think booking online is always a plus… even better if you are the “plan in advance” type… often it’s really hard to get last minute tickets online for popular attractions, as they sell out… early mornings are often good to try for though, if you can (speaking generally, not for the Real Alcazar. Thanks for the tips, CP… your visit to Spain looked amazing… would love to go there…

    1. Just do what people form Australia and New Zealand do.. book one month holiday and come check Europe out;)
      The problem is .. there are so many places to see. You gonna need to come back few times 😜

      1. Yeah! I’m lucky that I can come back to the Northern Hemisphere every so often… so I can store these ideas up for when I need them 🙂

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