How To Get Your Story On The News

In this article I’ll tell you how you can make it into the news (personal experience).

But first let me give you some context…

Recently I made a video about the area I live in. I shared it in local groups, people saw it, and liked it. The video gained momentum and made it to the local news. But you would be surprised how that happened šŸ˜‰

How To Get Your Story On The News

In that article I was called ā€œthe vloggerā€. ā€œThe YouTuber Curious Pavel” which sounded nice in a way.
But what I loved the most was reading being called “the Bulgarian“.

You see…
One of the reasons why I started creating content in English is to build a community and later on tell you about Bulgaria. About our beautiful nature, and culture. And simply let people know that Bulgaria exists!

So I was pretty happy to read that because that meant others also read it. Some got curious and googled Bulgaria, others subscribed after watching the video, which means they’ll get to know a little bit about Bulgaria from my content.

So how did I make the news?

Iā€¦ emailed them.

I told you this will shock you.
What did you think?
You probably thought that I got a call and was asked if they can “write about me”.

No! In fact I emailed 4 or 6 local news agents and told them about the video and how this might be interesting to them.
One of them wrote an article.

When I told you that you can get into the news I wasn’t lying. You just need to show them something that you can be featured with. That can be a video, an article, a song, a poem, an event, an achievement.

Because the reality is that the news needs news. They need stories. And not all the time they have what to write and talk about. So if your story relates to their styles and theme, it could be a great match.

Don’t wait to be discovered. Poke the world and see what comes on the other side.

And stay curious

Link to the article about my video

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