What is LOVE

I bet what I’m about to tell you never crossed your mind!

When Epidemic Sound reached out asking me to create a video about love, it got me thinking how easy it is to get lost in the translation of one question:

What is love?

First of all, let’s point out the fact that this question is ruined for many 

And it’s all thanks to this guy:


WHY? Because now, every time I hear the question WHAT IS LOVE, the next few words in my head are BABY DON’T HURT ME.

And I am not the only one with these thoughts… by far.

But what’s even crazier, is the people who pass this trap
The people who don’t think about HADDAWYThe people who actually think about the actual question

And this is where the problem comes in:

Most of these people think the answer is in finding their soulmate.

Sure, that does mean finding love

But they get so blind looking for the perfect human to match with

That they forget that love comes in many shapes and forms

You can fall in love with an animal, with your plants, fall in love with a new hobby

Or find out that you really, really love travelling

My advice to you would be to have your mind open

And don’t limit yourself with “the usual meanings”

Finding what you love doing will also require from you

To try different things

Just like in order to find your soulmate

You need to meet and date a lot of people before that

You will probably need to try a lot of things

Before you find the ones you really love

That’s what I did

From the age of 18 up until 30

I was changing my job role almost every year. Sometimes even twice a year.

Until I fall in love with presenting and video creation.

Many people were asking me

“When are you going to settle”

But I always say:
“You can’t know if you like kiwis or not

Until you actually taste one”

…and it’s never too late to try one

But whatever you decide on, I would encourage you to get a camera with you

Even if you are using the one on your phone

You will not only have great memories for years to come

But will also document your journey

It will be a reminder of your beginnings

A reminder of your progress

And a showcase to the world what you have achieved

But going back to our question

I bet you’ve heard people saying “I’ll never find love”. 

These people always refer to finding a soulmate. 

Nobody ever speaks about falling in love with animals, hobbies, professions, sunsets, or rivers. 

Nobody ever speaks about falling in love with yourself

Because this is where it all begins!

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