1 November – Bulgarian holiday! Day of the National Leaders

It’s a very special holiday today in Bulgaria. Shortly said, 1 Nov is a day to celebrate everybody who has been “awake” throughout the centuries. Everybody who, one way or another, has contributed to the development and progress of the nation. Writers, teachers, educators. All deserving Bulgarian throughout the history.

Although started in 1923 as an official holiday, in 1945 the communists cancelled it (surprise, surprise). Since 1992 it’s back in our calendars 📅

Picture of portraits of Bulgarian national leaders throughout the centuries including Hristo botev, panayot volov and Vasil Levski
Some of Bulgaria’s leaders throughout the centuries

There are many names in this picture and people tend to forget names so I won’t give you too much information. But I would like to introduce you to one man. One very Nobel man. When he was alive, the Ottomans were ruling our lands. This man had an idea. A vision. He wanted Bulgaria to be free again. So he started taking to people. Organizing a rebellion. Gathering money and weapons. He was lifting the spirit of the nation. His name was Levski. Vasil Levski.

His portrait is one of the most recognizable in whole Bulgaria. You can even see it hanging on the wall in the office of the president. His portrait is on the top row, in the middle.

Unfortunately Vasil Levski died few years before the start of the revolution but his actions and determination lifted the spirit of the Bulgarian nation and give them a push.

Happy holiday!

2 thoughts on “1 November – Bulgarian holiday! Day of the National Leaders

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Happy November 1, Bulgarians. I think it’s great that there’s a special day to remember those people in history who made your country special. 🙏 Thanks for the information, and now of course, I’m curious to find out more about him, and some of the others. Happy November 1 to you, Павел. 💫

    1. Thanks, Mike:)
      The list goes on and on and it is full with people who didn’t put their hear down in difficult times. They kept the flame going 🔥

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