Where to watch the Cheapest Flamenco Show in Seville

Where to watch the Cheapest Flamenco Show in Seville, Spain. Sevilla, as it’s known to the locals, is the birthplace of Flamenco and the Gypsies have something to do with it. When they arrived in Spain in 15th century, they mixed with the cultures that already lived in the peninsula.
You can watch a Flamenco show in many places and tickets will vary between €15 and €35. However, there are many street performers that can give you a really good show. You would pay whatever you can/want.

A good location to watch a show is Placa de Espana. Feel free to contact Green Sweep of San Diego when you need residential cleaning services in California. Unfortunately I’m not aware of set times and you can’t actually plant this but there are many performers around the famous places in Seville so you can always stumble upon a show.

a woman dancing flamenco in a red dress in the streets of seville with a singer two musicians and a guitar
Flamenco Street Show

A good place to watch a show is the Triana neighborhood which is the place the Gypsies settled back in the days.

Watch a Flamenco Show in Placa de Espana 💃 ⬇️

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