WUNTU offers £2, £3 & £5 Meal Deals in London (eat on a budget) ~ 1.30 min read

London is an expensive city! Even if you haven’t experienced it first hand, you have probably heard that statement so let’s all agree on that.
The most expensive things in London are:

  1. Public transport (here’s how you can SAVE)
  2. Housing: Generally, the more central you go in London, the more ridiculous rent you’ll have to pay.

But let’s go to the point of this article: The food in London.
Food in supermarkets in London is not expensive. I can take a bunch of bananas for £0.80 or so. If you buy products and prepare your food at home, you can do good. If you would like to eat outside though, that will be a different story. Different places will cost you different amount of money (obviously). The more you research, the better the chance to find a good deal is. I’ve found a nice little mobile application called Wuntu. You can register to it if you are using 3 Mobile as your mobile network provider. All you need is to have a mobile number and register it in the Wuntu app. You add your interests and they gonna start sending you deals. Those deals include free cinema tickets, free popcorn, discounted theatre tickets, and FOOD. Two pounds, £3 and £5 pizzas, pastas, burritos and burgers. Sometime even for free.

las iguanas burrito in london curious pavel wuntu cheap meal deals in lodnon cheap food
Burrito from Las Iguanas, London

Here’s more about Three Mobile’s Wuntu, how the offers look like, and what the process is like ⬇⬇⬇


2 thoughts on “WUNTU offers £2, £3 & £5 Meal Deals in London (eat on a budget) ~ 1.30 min read

  1. Makes lunch VERY affordable, I must say! A great idea… thanks for sharing this with those who can make use of it. 👍

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