Trafalgar Square & The Curious Plaque ~ 2 min read

I will be quite surprised if you tell me you have visited London and haven’t seen Trafalgar Square. It’s quite difficult to miss it anyway, the square is in the center of the city. Chances are bigger of you visiting the square without knowing you are on it rather than not visiting it at all.
Lets talk some basics before I tell you about that Plaque.

What can I see there? 

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Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is a tourist attraction itself (in its own way). Most of the events are taking place in here. Even the city’s Christmas tree can be found on the square (not whole year round of course). Once you are there, you may decide to stay on the square, chill a bit and enjoy the fountains, the pigeons (which you don’t have to feed) and the crowd. Oh, the crowd… Your attention surely will be caught by the noise made by the street artists on the square and something you should do is to visit the National Gallery. It is “sitting” on top of the square and the best part – IT’S FOR FREE. It’s a must even if you are not an art fan!

How do I get there and what’s in the area?

You have multiple options: excluding the multiple bus routes that are passing next to the square, you can take the Underground (a.k.a. The Tube) and come out at Charring Cross station (via Bakerloo and Northern lines). If you are at Leicester Square, don’t bother to take the underground. Just walk, it’s faster! Another option is to come by train to Charring Cross.

From Trafalgar Square you can easily get to multiple famous locations. Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, St. James’s Park, St. James’s Palace, Leicester Square and Covent Garden are just few to mention. All these are in a walking distance. Check the video at the bottom for directions.

What about the Plaque on the square? 

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The “Measuring Plaque”

Ah, glad you asked.
The guy on that high column is Nelson from where the name of the monument comes from (Nelson’s column). In front of him there is a man on a horse (Charles I). Well, the plaque I’m talking about can be found just behind Charles I.
Remember how I told you it’s difficult to miss that square because it’s in the center of the city?  Well, I meant literally! That is what this plaque marks. Every distance from and to London is measured from and to this plaque. So next time when you drive your car or ride the bus and you see a sign “London 50 miles”, that would mean you have 50 miles to Trafalgar Square. How about that for curiosity?  😉
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