SUPER SAT EP3: First steps in public speaking ~ 1 min read

SUPER SAT EP3 shows just 2 events:

London Small YouTubers Network

a boy with a blue tshirt saying curious pavel graffiti style in front of a lsylive board
LSYLive 2018, London

The London Small YouTUbers Network (LSY) run their first full-day even: LSYLive. If you make videos regularly and you live in London, then definitely request to join their Facebook Group. This is the most interactive and helpful group I have ever seen when it comes to YouTube and videographers. The organizers have previously hosted workshops, livestreams and mingles but this event was on a huge scale in their standards. It went so well that I have the feeling this will not be the last one. Many interesting characters showed up that day but sadly I couldn’t stay till the end because I had to…

Speak at my own event

a boy giving a presentation in a bookstore in front of an audience
At Once Upon a Time

Well, it is not that I was organizing that event but I was speaking there. The event took place in a Bulgarian book store in Walthamstow, London (that’s their Facebook Page). The name is Once Upon a Time. This event, unlike the previous one, was far smaller in scale.  It felt like it is “first step to public speaking” to me regardless I’ve been dancing on stage since being a child and regardless presenting show programme in front of 20-300 people live audience. This was something else. This was different. It felt like restart.

Anyway, the number of people that showed up was 6. That was way less from what I have predicted 😀 but the quality is what matters, not the quantity 😉 Everybody there was open minded, knowledgeable and curious. I am sure we will meet again!

Watch this quick preview of the Saturday 🙂 ⬇⬇⬇


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