PODCAST 005: Travel to Brussels ft Anna Bartoccioni

Welcome to Episode 5 of the Curious Pavel Podcast Sessions: A podcast about Brussels! In this episode I am having a chat with Anna who is trying to convince me to go back to Brussels. After visiting the city few years ago I wasn’t charmed but Anna did her best! We talked about food, travels, beer soups, diamonds and chocolate! 💎 Listen (or watch) to see if Anna managed to convince me to give Brussels another go…

About Anna:

Anna is an Italian tour guide, geographer, passionate traveller who loves meeting people from around the world. After travelling and living in Australia, New Zealand and UK for a while, Anna settled down and started a family in Belgium. “I can guarantee it now… Belgium is not only beer, chocolate and fries! Come and discover it with me!

Places to visit (apart from the main cities):

  • Flanders countryside around Brussels (Merchtem, Brussegem, Mollem, Opwijk)
  • Durbuy, Ardennes (mountains), La Roche, Bastogne, Waterloo
  • Lots of festivals in summertime (Jazz Festival in Brussels, Tomorrowland, Pukkelpop, Ghent Festivities – to name a few)
  • Typical food: stoofvlees/carbonnade (beef stew cooked with beer), Vol Au Vent (puff pastry, in Flanders it’s filled with chicken, meatballs and mushroom sauce), Brussels sprouts, witlof (white chicory)
  • Some of the typical beers in Belgium: Gueuze (lambics, sour, typical from Brussels area), Trappists (such as Chimay, Orval, Westmalle), Pilsner (such as Maes, Jupiler or Stella Artois)
  • In Brussels: the Art Nouveau architecture style, and the comic strip! You can find murals all over the city!

Find Anna:

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🇧🇪 PODCAST 005: Travel to Brussels ft Anna Bartoccioni

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2 thoughts on “PODCAST 005: Travel to Brussels ft Anna Bartoccioni

  1. I’m pleased you’re willing to give Brussels another go, Pavel. Another great episode. Always interesting, whether you know anything about the region or not! Cheers.

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