PODCAST 002: Travel to Seville ft José Maria

In Episode 002 we have a short talk with José – a local tour guide in Seville. He shares info not only about the popular places in the city but also talks about not so popular locations. Of course, we mention food! 😋

Mentions in the podcast:

  • Casa de la contratación – House of trade
  • Archivo general de indias – general archive of the indies
  • Hospital de la Caridad – charity hospital Corpus Christi (holiday)

About José:

With a background in Humanities and fluent in foreign languages he focused his career on tourism after becoming a licensed guide for the region of Andalusia. José has been hosting unique experiences since 2017 and offering to visitors to Seville his own point of view of the different monuments and tourist attractions from a local’s perspective. He also founded his own brand called Seville Unique Experiences with the objective of approaching travellers who want to explore off the beaten path. José has also written a travel guide about Seville – The ultimate local’s guide to Seville on Amazon

José on the Internet:



🇪🇸 PODCAST 002: Visit Seville ft José Maria

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2 thoughts on “PODCAST 002: Travel to Seville ft José Maria

  1. I have never been to Spain, I’m ashamed to say, but the pics I’ve seen on your IG, Pavel, and this conversation with the enthusiastic and knowledgeable José make me realise I’ve been missing out. Sounds like an awesome place, and this was another great episode. Cheers.

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