London Food Guide: Eat Cheap in London, Soho for £5 ~ 1 min read

The Soho area in London (England) is quite a popular one. With nearby places like Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Chinatown, Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street (especially in Christmas time!), many people find themselves browsing around. The thing is… with so much browsing around, eventually you will get hungry.
Well, we have found few places in the area where you can eat for £5. Here are 3 of those places:

  • Herman ze German: Really nice place and with a nice atmosphere.

Best bratwursts in Soho, London, herman ze german cheap eats under 5 pounds
Bratwurst at Herman Ze German

You can get a decent sized Bratwurst for just under £5. But I love cheese in any form so I payed a bit extra to get that baby on top 😍 Can’t remember how much exactly but totally worth it.. definitely!

  • Kati Roll: simply put: rolls with different stuffings.

The place is not bad but those rolls were not enough to satisfy my hunger. You may go for it but do not expect much.

Mini wraps in Soho London, kati roll rolls, cheap
Kati Roll rolls

kati roll price list

  • Melt Room: Ah, a very favourite one! I have heard very good things about their Mac & Cheese but when we went there.. surprise, surprise. It was all gone 😐 so I had to be satisfied with the sandwich you see. It had some ham or something. And cheese. A lot or cheese. As you probably figured out, I am a huge fan of cheese and they did not need a lot to “convince” me. But probably one day I will be back in Melt Room to try their Mac and Cheese.

melt room london eat cheap in london soho
See footage from those 3 places and also where they are located on the map of London. All this in the video below ⬇️⬇️⬇️


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  1. Cheese… I’m keen to go to the Melt Room… at least if those prices and pics are anything to go by 🙂

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