Instagram Poll Stickers ~ 2 min read

Instagram just released the ability to conduct polls inside stories!

Here is how to use Instagram Polls:

1. Take an Instagram Story Photo or Video

2. Add an Instagram Poll to Your Story by Selecting an Instagram Sticker or Swipe Up

3. Choose Your Instagram Poll Answers

4. Post Your Instagram Story Poll to Your Followers And Collect Responses

curious pavel in a bar in a sunny day asking via instagram poll if his followers have understood about this instagram feature from him or not
Instagram Poll

What this means? 

Firstly from the perspective of Instagram… Twitter was a number one network back in the days but it lots it’s positions simply because it didn’t innovate. The platform still looks the same. As we know Instagram copied the features of Snapchat, grew, exploded and also slowed down Snapchat’s progression. No only that but they keep adding new features. Facebook and Instagram continue to innovate.

In a release by Instagram, they have added the capability to “ask a question and see results from your friends and followers as they vote.”

It’s all centered around user polls.

Things to Know:

  • You can customize the yes/no field to any A/B question.
  • There is a character limit (27 characters)
  • You can only have one poll per story.
  • You can see full analytics on how many people responded and who responded with what answer.
  • You can not change your response after voting!
  • The feature starts with a simple yes/no function which you can customize into any A/B poll.

The possibilities are basically endless.

As to users perspective…

Today’s update is super interesting to me because it’s now starting to make the “stories” function more interactive, more about data collection, and a lot more valuable to individuals and companies alike.

Whether you’re trying to understand which phone to buy, which book to read or which holiday destination to consider, Instagram now lets you ask your community in a simple poll within your story.

So I’m definitely going to conduct some “Did you know” surveys to see how far you are with your Curiosity

I’m super excited.

I am sure we will see more from Instagram on top of that. I’m sure multiple choice responses are on the way, and I’m looking forward to what’s next.

Start using polls now!


2 thoughts on “Instagram Poll Stickers ~ 2 min read

  1. I love the polls… it makes me feel more “involved” in people’s stories… less of a one-way conversation. Thanks for including them in yours too, CP. 🙂

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