How to pay for your travel in London? ~ 2 min read

Right, you are in London. No matter how long your list with things you will want to see/do is, one thing is for sure: you will need to travel. Using taxis might be expensive. Renting a car might not be very convenient due the traffic and the charges you need to pay for just entering central London. Not to mention driving on the other side of the road. Your best option will be using the public transport. It is convenient, well structured and easy to use… once you know some insides 😉 This will be the discussion of the articles from this category. Lets start with the following: How to pay for your transport. 

a hand holding a blue oyster card towards a blue sky
The Oyster Card

When it comes to travelling in London there are 3 ways you can pay with:

  • Paper ticket: You can buy daily and weekly ticket. Just put your money in one of the ticket machines at the stations and get your ticket. That’s it! Basic stuff. That’s how it was before and that’s how it is now but there are far better ways to do that now… and cheaper as well.
  • Oyster card: Ah, now we are talking! Much, much cheaper option than the paper tickets. You can load on the card (buy) travelling for a week, a month and even a year. The longer you buy for, the cheaper. There is no daily option here but with the Oyster card you can benefit from capping which is a big deal! You can order your Oyster Card Online by clicking here.
  • Using your bank card: quite a similar option to the Oyster Card- you are travelling with your credit (this is called PAYG- Pay As You Go). All you need is to have the contactless symbol on  your card. This will mean you can use it. No weekly, monthly or yearly option but once more you can benefit from the capping option. Convenient option if you are having a card issued in UK but charges may apply if it has been issued somewhere abroad.

In the video below you can find COMPARISON OF THE PRICES between the 3 options you can choose from  ⬇️⬇️⬇️


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    1. The transportation in London really is a big subject. There is a video playlist on the Curious YouTube channel and more articles will support them. Thank you for your words 🙂

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