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I searched around the web what exactly this “award” is about but it looks like it is just a cool idea which aims to bring bloggers together and introduce them to each other. You get “into the circle” by checking the pages of the other nominated bloggers. Do not wait for them to do it first 😉
The rules are simple:

  • Write a post, say THANK YOU (and tag) to the person who nominated you and put the “Sunshine Bloggers Award Photo”.
  • Answer the 11 question you have been given;
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers (and let them know) and give them your 11 questions;

Simple:) So…
A huge THANK YOU to @Bellewether  for nominating me. It’s an honor and I strongly recommend going around her blog for travel inspirations and food recommendations.
Here are the questions to which Niya seeked answers:

  1. How long have you been blogging and what’s the one valuable lesson you have learned? 

    Writing is not my main thing, video is. Late December, 2016, I started a YouTube channel with a friend of mine and I knew sooner or later I will need a website acting as a “home” of the project, combining videos, pictures and all the information in one. On 18 June, was officially born:) What I have learned is that you can blog every now and then but if you want to be found in searches you need to be smart and optimize quite a lot & also write all the time, ideally every day. I knew that for my videos but did not realize I need to transfer the efforts here as well. Thanks, Mark!:)

  2. What is the one thing you love about blogging and one thing you find hard or dislike? 

    The “time-consuming” element of it is something I do not like! It is not just writing few sentences and press “Publish. You have to pick your words, fill all the information about the post, find the right photos, may be edit them… but hey, you have to love the process, that is what I believe in and so I do not pay attention to things I do not like as well as my weaknesses. Positivity, optimism and working on your strengths over your weaknesses. What I do like is the way of connection. I love people and I love every platform/way that brings us together. As to vlogging, that is easy- I love the camera and I am having so much fun.

  3. Has there been a destination that you were excited about which disappointed you? 

    No! I am gifted with this awesome ability to live in the present and do not have the “Can’t wait for my travel in 2 months time” mentality. I am equally excited about every place I visit and do not have any high expectations which makes me less vulnerable for disappointments.

  4. If someone made a film about your favourite travel experience, what song(s) would be the on the soundtrack?

    Reading this question at the beginning I was thinking it will finish with “which actor will you”. The question you have asked is much more difficult to me. The journey that will be documented will definitely be my trip to Alaska – 11 flights in just 4 months time, lost luggage, lost friends (both found thankfully) and seeing Santa’s house. The song probably should be “Hit the road, Jack”. I love it and it seems to be an appropriate one. 

  5. How do you get inspired when choosing your next destinations? 

    Travel itself is an inspiration for me- the exploring, the research, the journey itself. Usually it is “Hey, I haven’t been here. Lets go!”.

  6. Tell me about an interesting person you met while travelling. 

    Oh, they are so many, really but if naming just one, I will go for Julien. When I met him on a trip to Sofia, he was doing backpacking in the country and also going to Greece before returning to France. Backpacking in Bulgaria is one thing but coming from the town he has been (Pernik) is another achievement. Well done, Julien:)

  7. If you could pick one destination to visit every year for free, which would it be? 

    My top 3 list will definitely be Japan, Peru and New Zealand because they are quite far away otherwise I would add Barcelona and Amsterdam. Needing to pick just one, I will go with Japan.

  8. What skill or talent would you like to master in relation to your blog?

    Nothing in particular. Keep posting, skills are on the way.

  9. What is your absolute favourite meal or food you have had while travelling?

    I have seen quite a lot and still so many to see but the Balkan cuisine beats them all, especially Bulgarian and the Greek.

  10. If you could only take 5 things on your next adventure, what would they be?

    My phone, the camera, passport, backpack, tripod. And sandwiches. I need to have some food in the backpack at all time..

  11. Share your most favourite picture you have ever captured and explain why it is your favourite!

    The mall curious pavel london
    The Mall, 2016

    Oh, they are so many, really. As soon as I think I got my most favourite, another one pops out. I needed to give some thinking to this questions but here it is. On a first glance this picture may not look “wow” and your reaction might be “hmm” but as many other things/places/picture, it is the meaning of it. I made this picture in 2016 when my parents and my sister visited me in London. I was just showing them around, saw all these flags, took a picture and continued. Just this year I understood and made the connection that these flags were placed there because of the Trooping of the Colour– the ceremony of the Official Birthday of the Queen. At the time of their visit I had an idea of starting a project of my own which was far from a blog (vlog) but the irony in this story is that Curious Pavel, although curious at the most part of his life, was not Curious at that point. Now I am on a mission to make the people aware of their surroundings and not be like me at when I took that picture.

Here are my Nominations:

And here are my Questions:

  1. Lets start with a short introduction- what are the 2 sentences that describe you the best?
  2. I am curious (!)… do you believe in New Year Resolutions?
  3. What is the One Thing people who read this need to realize ASAP?
  4. Do you have playlist you like to listen when travelling? If so- share the love:)
  5. Favourite cuisine and why it should be our favourite too?
  6. Whats the thing that lifts you up when you are feeling down?
  7. I am sure you are full with stories but what’s the one story you will tell your grandchildren the most?
  8. What about someone else’s story? Who fascinated you the most?
  9. What is the one thing you cannot get right no matter how many times you try?
  10. Do you think you can influence others and make a positive change?
  11. For “la grand finale”, share one of your recent selfies (no filters please 🙂 )


2 thoughts on “Sunshine Bloggers Award ~ 6 min read

  1. Thanks so much for the nomination – I am really grateful 🙂 And well done for everything you’ve achieved with your blog in such a short space of time. I find your posts really informative, but also very funny – keep them up! And the video at the lavender field, hilarious xx

    1. Thank you so much for this comment, Becca! Your words are so motivating and heart warming ❤️ I would love to meet you some day and hear more about your story if you are happy with that 🙂

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