Desert Safari Dubai at the cheapest possible price ~ 4 min read

Desert Safari Dubai is a great way to spend half a day at your trip to Dubai. Your day will be so busy with activities that you won’t understand when the time had passed. So let’s dig into the experience…

Where the Desert Safari Dubai takes place and how to get there?

Where the desert Safari takes place? Well.. in the desert (daaa) 😜

Now don’t ask yourself “but which bus goes to the desert” and “how to find the meeting point“. Don’t you worry. All the packages you’ll find will have transportation included and all you need to do is to find the meeting point in the city which is usually in front of a shopping center in Dubai.

What is included in the Desert Safari Dubai package?

When I say “package”, I mean there are a lot of perks in the deal. But a lot…

Here is how it works: you and other Desert Safari enthusiasts will meet somewhere where you’ll “catch” the free transportation. In about an hour and 20 minutes you’ll arrive to a designated point in the desert. From there you’ll be transported with jeeps to another place in the desert where all the fun will take place. What’s the fun I hear you screaming? Here’s what you get with the Desert Safari Dubai package:

  • Dune Bashing:

    At first I was like “Dune bashing? What in the world is dune bashing!?”. It’s very simple: imagine yourself in a land cruiser going up and down the dunes. It is more fun than it sounds like, I promise you 😁

  • Sand boarding

a boy with blue shorts and a while colored t-shirt posing with a blue sandboard in the dubai desert during a safari experience
Nailed that sand board

You’ve seen snowboarding, haven’t you? 🏂 Well, this is the same thing with the exception of having sand instead of snow. I must warn you… it’s not that speedy.

  • Welcoming tea

There is a designated area (closed space) where you will watch a show program and have your dinner. As you enter there, a man will be offering you a tea. Take advantage of this.. and don’t forget to lift your pinky 😉

a boy with sunglasses in a desert drinking a team from a white plastic cup and having his pinky up
Be an Englishman with your tea
  • Camel ride

Just where the jeeps leave you, you will see a queue for a camel ride. As the camels will be the first thing everybody sees when they arrive, all the people from your group will probably head that way, so I would advise you to walk around, take some photos and then come back to take a ride on a camel.

a line of 4 camels tied to each other and carrying people on the backs
Waiting on the queue for a 1 minute camel ride

Don’t get too excited about this camel ride though. The ride will only last a minute.. or 2 minutes tops. Well, many people will want this. There should be time for everybody.

four camels in a line each carrying two passengers during a desert safari experience in dubai
Enough watching… lets ride
  • Enjoy the Dubai sunset

There are two options for the Desert Safari Dubai package: a morning one and an evening one.

My advice is go to the beach in the morning and take the evening package which was starting from late afternoon. As I have mentioned in the video from this experience, there was a sand storm which reduced the visibility significantly. But who knows, may be you will be lucky and will be able to take some amazing photos of the desert at sunset.

a boy sitting on a sand dune in dubai desert taking out the sand off his shoes
I like beaches but this is just too much
a boy with light colored t-shirt kneeling on a sand dune with a camera in his hands taking a picture
Taking the most of the desert
  • Dress up like a local

a boy dressed as a shekh with a white dress and red scarf during a desert safari experience in dubai
I smell petroleum in here…

In the Desert Safari Dubai experience you’ll get the chance to feel like a local.. well, at least to walk around in his clothes.

  • Quad Bikes (pay extra)

Quad bikes will be going around just next to the camels. You can join the fun and ride one but this is not something that is included in the packageYou will have to pay extra for that service.

  • Food and drinks

people queueing on both sides of a buffet with salads and other food during the desert safari dubai experience
Food and soft drinks are included in the package
  • Fire show

A guy will show you some impressive moves while handling fire. It is really something!

  • Belly dance show

    At the end of the Desert Safari Dubai experience, just before they take you back to the city, the program will close with a belly dance show. I personally thought that the Fire Show was more spectacular.

What is the price of the Desert Safari Dubai?

On most places you’ll find this experience at the pice of 150 Dirhams per person BUUUUUUUT.. if you go to a nice little website called GroupOn*, you’ll find it for less than 150 Dirhams … FOR 2 PEOPLE!!

*NOTE: The link will lead you to the UK website. For better results search for that package deal when you are in Dubai).

Watch some fantastic footage from the Desert Safari Dubai. Plus the edit is pretty cool 😉 ⬇️⬇️⬇️


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  1. Really helpful post (as always!). You are a details man, CP. 👍 Good pinky work, too! 🙃
    Pleased you had such a great holiday.

    If you want FAST Dune Boarding, you really need to come to NZ. It’s a bit of a walk to the top, but… Check this out:

    Cheers, CP. Enjoy your next holiday.

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