What is normal?

What is normal? Give it some thinking and you will quickly realize that the so called “standards” are established by the mass. But why follow the mass? As I child, when I did something bad and my mother ask me why I reply “Because Mitko also did it”. Her reply was Golden: “IF MITKO JUMPS OVER THE BRIDGE WILL YOU JUMP AFTER HIM???” Now we are grown ups and able to take our own decisions and face the consequences. We should feel the same about this “what is normal” concept. If you see something that many people do but you do not like it, would you do it anyway? Or would you chose to do something that makes you happy? If you chose happiness then you have to be ready with the disapproval of many people which can come in many forms. Often times this is not a win-win situation.

I hope you are living a happy life

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