How to use the Oyster Card Application to top up your card ~ 1 min read

I’ve been talking again and again how important for you, as a traveller in London, to buy an Oyster Card and what the benefits of it are.
Now I’m going to show you how to charge (top up) your oyster card in a very simple way. Not just simple but the easiest way.
There is an app called TFL OYSTER. The icon of the Oyster Card Application is just like the oyster card you use for your travels in London so if you haven’t used or seen it already, here is how it looks like:
A Screenshot made in Google Play Store showing how the The Oyster Card Application looks like - a blue card on the background of a yellow reader
Before you can use it you need to have an account in the TFL website which is
Watch this video for a better understanding on how to use the Oyster Card Application and top up your Oyster Card ⬇️⬇️⬇️


2 thoughts on “How to use the Oyster Card Application to top up your card ~ 1 min read

  1. Thanks for this. I used to have an “older version” Oyster card, and I couldn’t top up online with this app, but I’ve swapped it to a “new” Oyster card that can be topped up online. It’s great, as I don’t live in London, but I can check my balance and top up before I visit. Happy days!

  2. Thanks:)
    Not sure what you mean. If you see the screen at 1:10 you’ll find “buttons” for top up (pay as you go) and buy (travelcards) in the right hand side.
    Hope this helps 😉

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