HeliDubai: a Helicopter Tour over DUBAI. Magnificent views! ~ 1:20 min read

Honestly I wasn’t expecting that Dubai will offer so many things to do. Quite surprised. One of those things was a helicopter ride over the city that offers spectacular views over the coast, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa in the distance and more.

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The coast of Dubai viewed from a helicopter

More about the helicopter tour

The company that organized that helicopter ride is called HeliDubai. It’s not the only company that does this in Dubai but in my knowledge is one of the cheapest.
Price: there were at least 2 choices of a ride: A 12-minutes one and a 15-minutes one. I got the first one. So in this one, the helicopter goes next to palm Jumeirah (those artificially created islands that form a palm when you see them from the air). If you take the 15-minutes one, you’ll go around the palm.

Palm Jumeirah from a helicopter view

We got a discount front Groupon and the price for the 12-minutes flight was £130 pounds. That’s the discounted price..

UPDATE (8 May ’18):
I got in touch with HeliDubai requesting more information so I can share it with you. Here are the tours they offer including:

  • how much time you will have in the air
  • what are the landmarks of Dubai you will be able to see up close

Cartoon photograph of a helicopter route from HeliDubai showing where the 12 minutes flight of the Iconic Tour pass by
Iconic Tour (12 minutes flight)

The Palm Tour HeliDubai (17 minutes helicopter ride)

The Vision Tour HeliDubai (22 minutes helicopter ride)

The Odyssey Tour HeliDubai (40 minutes helicopter ride)

How to get there: by helicopter 🤣
Ok, ok. Let’s try to be more serious. First, Google the location of HeliDubai. When you get there you might be confused where the entry is. When we bought the tickets it was saying next to the police station. Well, it happened to be in the police station. You need to go through the station. But at the same time you cannot go in the station 🤨
Here’s how it works: there are a couple of small trucks waiting in front of the police station that will drive you in the station, all the way to the helicopter track.

Dubai viewed from the top

Burj Khalifa is one of the landmarks of Dubai. If I’m not mistaking, the entry was about £20-£30. Have in mind that the helicopter will bring you approximately to the level that you’ll be, if you go at the top of Burj Khalifa.
Watch more stunning views from that helicopter ride with HeliDubai ⬇️⬇️⬇️


2 thoughts on “HeliDubai: a Helicopter Tour over DUBAI. Magnificent views! ~ 1:20 min read

  1. That’s amazing. What a great way to see all of Dubai. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to Dubai (other than the airport… I’ve been there twice 😬) but I like your tips for getting this ride cheaper and less confusing (Police station!) Cheers CP.

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