COMICCON Tips:  How to go Prepared to Comic Book and any HUGE Convention ~ 1:30 min

Huge conventions like COMICCON can be loads of fun but can also leave a bad memory in your mind. It won’t scar you for life but it definitely won’t be a pleasant feeling when at half of the convention you realize taking your high heels wasn’t the brightest move or if you don’t manage to get a picture of the coolest Batman you have seen because you run out of battery on your phone.
Well, here are the things you need to do so you can go prepared not only to COMICCON but to every big convention:

  1. Shoes… I can’t stress this enough!! Put the most comfortable shoes you have otherwise you  be up like this…
  2. Cash … You can get cash from inside but the time you will waste waiting on a queue doesn’t worth it.
  3. Camera… this should go without saying. The least you can do is to prepare your phone for the event which brings me to the next point…
  4. Charger … This is better explained in the video below
  5. Backpack… It will be good to have a space to store the things from this list and also the things you will end up taking or buying from there.
  6. Autograph material… Paper, magazine, t-shirt. Prepare yourself.
  7. Snacks… Take snacks and water with you. Don’t wait to buy them from there. Again- long queues and a bit pricey as well.
  8. Deodorant… Trust me on this one.
  9. Business cards… If you are a creator then take some business cards, leaflets or stickers with you. It’s much better to give card to Batman and tell him where he can see himself rather than just telling him. Best way is (always has been and will always be) to take his contact straight away and send him over your stuff. And ask him to visit the Batcave!

Now go check this video out for some entertainment ⬇️⬇️⬇️


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