“Everything is designed. Few things are designed well”

Brian Reed

Speaking of design – we LOVE how our products look like! But if you don’t then you can change the size of the images and even add a new ones. But why would you, really…?! 🤔

A picture of a blue t-shirt with a sign of curious pavel from the curious shop
Curious Pavel Men’s T-shirt

Men’s T-shirts: Premium and basic ones, from slim fit to 4XL, you will find a large variety of colors and 4 interesting designs. Even organic t-shirts produced with renewable energy sources alone.


a pink women t-shirt with a cat holding a magnifying and a sign saying stay curious glass and looking through it
Curious Women’s T-shirt

For the ladies: same as the guys plus the kitty from the picture 😉 So 5 designs in total and few more extra colors.


a hat with a red eye shade and a dark blue base with a sign curious pavel, front face
Curious Accessories


Hats, bags and even a Teddy Bear can be found in the Accessories section.


Happy shopping 🙂