YouTube Channel = Having a Television Show

Having a YouTube channel equals having a Tv Show!

It is no secret that people nowadays spend a lot more time in front of their devices than in front of the TV. We hear about that. We know that. But we forget about it. We forget about it from a creative standpoint. If you are any type of a creator, or always wanted to be, now is the perfect time to do so. Especially with this whole pandemic situation because most people have more time to kill than ever.

And going back to having a youtube channel is the same as having a television show… well, there is nothing you can say that can change my mind. Think about it… if you have a YouTube channel and release a video every evening, at 8 PM, HOW IS THAT DIFFERENT THAN AN EVENING TALK SHOW? The only difference here is that you will have to work with a smaller (or no) budget, and will have to promote it yourself. Will have to find your audience. But leaving that aside, you have the power to broadcast your own program.

YouTube Channel = Having a Television Show

The reason I started YouTube was because I wanted to have a Show on my own… on TV. That is the reason this YouTube journey had begun. However, I got carried away and got more into editing and filming.

Actually, by the time I am writing this, I already have something, that is almost confirmed. Something that brings me to my goal closer than before!

However, I do not want to stop there!

It is no secret that I love starting new projects, but I have one too many at the moment. That means I cannot do this one on my own.


  • screenwriter
  • illustrator
  • music composer
  • video editor
  • … and always wanted to see your name in the credits of a show, get in touch and let’s form a crew!

If this is not for you, that’s fine. But promise yourself you will create!


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