I’ve got my own SHOW!

It is crazy, but I’ve got my own show. It is called “Around the world with Curious Pavel“.

It is not entirely my own at the moment, but we are in the negotiating to phase at later stage. Check all the shows here:

Playlist: Curious Pavel Around the World - LIVE at Tsu

New social media platforms keep coming up and I keep signing up for them. I have been posting on Vero, Rizzle, Triller, and a few more that came and went.

However, what Tsu is trying to do here is to pay more attention to creators. Yes, that attention also reflects into money. Creators can support each other and part of the ads revenue is paid to the creators themselves.


But what I am more fascinated by is the actual attention they are giving to creators. Constant LIVE shows featuring creators sit right there at the top. You are watching on portraitsbyz.com one of those LIVE interviews I had with their host and maternity photographer – Sarah Pribis in California. Sarah is truly amazing: great personality, hard worker, always smiling, and quite curious as well πŸ˜€ Thanks to that interview, I will now have a dedicated LIVE show with Tsu, every Monday at 4:40 PM (UK). The main subjects are traveling and helping uprising creators. Recordings will be uploaded on my YouTube channel every Sunday, 1:30 PM (UK).

As you can see from my numbers, you do not have to be magnificently famous to make it there. This just shows how they look at small creators. I am fulfilling one of my dreams – to have my own show. And it seems to me that I have found a great platform – a platform that cares for small creators, and not just claiming it.

At the moment Tsu is invite-only. If you wish to join the party, click here.

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