Top 5 Interesting facts about Chinese New Year ~ 1.40 min read

Even though I’ve been thinking I will visit Japan before I visit China, I must admit that the Chinese culture hollows my curiosity.
Related to the Chinese Calendar post, I digged deeper into the Chinese culture and got the top 5 Interesting facts about Chinese New year. Here they are.. synthesized.

  • 1/6 of the world is celebrating it. It’s a huge event! Yes, Chinese people take a big part of the world’s population but it’s not just them that celebrate it. Countries like Taiwan and Singapore, alongside Chinatown in big cities like London, New York and Sydney are joining the celebration.
  • The whole country is on the move. Chinese people who are living away from home, no matter far or near, travel to the place they call “home”. It’s a family holiday and everybody tries to be together with the loved ones.
  • The annual largest usage of fireworks on the planet. This one should be coming by itself. It’s a huge event, with millions of people participating and what you do on holidays? Fireworks! Further more, in China it is believed fireworks scare the evil spirits. So why not use a lot of them.. 🙂
  • Red decoration. May be you haven’t payed attention but there’s one color you can find everywhere. That’s the red! The red color symbolizes good fortune and joy. Red envelopes containing money are given to people you know. You can find the red color not just on Chinese New Year but on other holidays as well. Red is the color of happiness and that is why it is forbidden to be used for funerals. “The red decoration on Chinese New Year is like the Christmas Trees to Christmas”.
  • The Number 4! Even though the number 4 is not directly connected to the Chinese New Year, it has a deep meaning in the Chinese culture.

Due to the similar pronunciation with “death”, you’ll see number 4 missing in multiple places like elevator boards for example.
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