Podcast 007 Travel to Maribor ft the Thravellers

Really excited to present Episode 7 of the Curious Pavel Podcast Sessions. Although the main focus of this podcast episode is on Maribor, Slovenia’s second city, we could not help but travel to other Balkan countries as well. We talked about what to see and do, the food, the drinks, and we felt the Balkan spirit in the traditions. This is a special episode of the podcast sessions: having 2 guests at the same time for the very first time. Enjoy!

About the Thravellers:

Al and Leanne are an ordinary couple who are lucky enough to live an extraordinary life. Originally from the UK, they moved to Andalucia, Spain in 2013, and in 2017, decided to pack up their belongings, including their dog Peanut, and travel the world full time. Exploring the world as 30+ travellers, or ‘Thravellers’, to date, Al and Leanne have visited over 50 countries and made more than 75 stops. They believe that the best way to experience a country is through its people and its food, and wherever they go, they strive to get off the beaten track and see how the locals live, eat and party! You can follow their adventures on Instagram and through their Podcast, Thravellers, available on IGTV or your podcast platform of choice.

Useful Websites when/before visiting Slovenia:

This Podcast about Maribor can also be found on YouTube:

🇸🇮 PODCAST 007: Travel to Maribor ft the Thravellers

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Mentions in the podcast:

  • Maribor, Lake Bled, Ljubljana
  • Kurenti – a tradition meant to scare away evil spirits
  • Oldest Vine & wine museum
  • San Martin Festival
  • Burek, cvapi, German sausage & pasta
  • influences of Austria, Italy and Hungary on Slovene food and drink,
  • the importance of pumpkins

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